Have you ever heard of the butterfly effect? A butterfly flaps its wings and this small movement gradually turns into a hurricane.

A similar effect is known in social psychology. They call it the Broken Window Theory. It says that signs of social brutalization, such as broken windows, graffiti, but also garbage, lead to less and less careful treatment of this area. If there is already rubbish on the floor, more rubbish will be thrown away carelessly, because it makes a big difference now. But it is not only the discarded garbage that causes problems. Studies show that people are more willing to break rules and even commit crimes if the area shows signs of neglect – such as garbage.

Together we can achieve more

Many of the public offices fight all day long against these first signs of social brutalization, be it the building authorities and the road maintenance companies who try to keep the city in good shape, be it the city gardeners who try to bring beauty into the concrete, be it the police who supervise the observance of the community rules or be it the garbage collection who tries to get the flood out of discarded packaging.

Wouldn’t it be nice if their work became a bit easier because the inhabitants of the city start to keep them in better shape themselves?

The App SweepAR would like to support this step. It motivates the community to dispose of garbage lying around. But not only that: People can organize themselves into local groups. Any user can simply report rubbish, which is particularly relevant for you as a public institution in the case of large illegal dumps.

Because authorities and citizens must work together to dispose of waste.

  • Allow city cleaning to remove illegal dumps reported in the SweepAR app
  •  Support the efforts of your citizens by ensuring that public waste bins are set up at hot spots and emptied regularly
  • Offer the possibility to dispose collected garbage, without expenses and without burdening the contingent of the domestic garbage.
  •  Support collection events by providing containers, sacks or a garbage truck.
  • Organize groups in your city and events to make your city more beautiful together with your employees and citizens. Within these groups there is the possibility to recognize particularly active and diligent garbage collectors by a ranking.
  • Honor the efforts of your fellow citizens. There are also small environmentally friendly incentives for particularly hard-working garbage collectors or raffles among the participants.
  • Get active instead of just talking about it. It’s about the community, about social engagement and about the need to make the world a better place – it’s not about politics and individuals.

Do something good and tell people about it!

The sweepAR app is based on this simple guiding principle. Many people are tired of reading about the decline of our planet every day and want to become active themselves. Especially for the younger target group, the exchange via the social media is an important factor. With sweepAR we have created an app and platform with which people can arrange to collect garbage and which turns it into a social event.

In addition, the sweepAR app offers a tracking function, similar to popular gaming or sports apps. This enables the easy exchange about cleaned routes and shows the progress in the own community. It thus offers a means of cleaning up the environment, whether in competition with each other or even against each other. In addition, sweepAR enables every user to see how much he has already achieved through his statistics.

An important motivation for many people to do good is social exchange. Therefore, we offer a direct integration into social media such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp & Co.

Together with you we can manage to make our world a bit cleaner and to sharpen people’s awareness for dealing with garbage. Become part of a new movement that has long since begun. Give your city, your members and citizens a platform for collecting garbage that is worth it.

Of course they can also organize their own events with the App sweepAr. For more information please also visit the section For companies or Contact us directly.